Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Journey South continues...July 18th, 2013

July 18th, 2013. This page out of sequence - sorry. Blogspot issue.

The Journey South continues. Off the coast of South America, heading for Valparaiso, Chile, it seems that FRB is slowly, and reluctantly finding his sea legs - slowly.

A storm strikes suddenly... leaving the Shornet-II badly crippled, and limping toward port. Seemingly simultaneously, a clipper, recognised as belonging to arch-rival Bunko Kelly, the scoundrel who got FRB into the mess in the first place, is seen abaft and to starboard. Could Kelly, well be on board - and what about his politico cronies?  But crippled by the storm... what can FRB, Bart and the crew do... but wait it out?

Will FRB encounter Bunko et al? We'll have to see - the moving finger, has not yet writ.

The writing of this Middle Journey, once seen as difficult to describe, seems to be flowing more easily.

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