Friday, March 14, 2014

As the saga of the Journal of Rudd starts to reach it's climax, I research the Boer war. The classic is a book by Thomas Pakenham, titled...: The Boer War. Whereas, under apartheid, most, if not all, British or South African English speakers were anti-apartheid, it would appear that the British war analyst, Lord Milner, back before the Second Boer War (1890 something) had actually laid plans for a similar, if not harsher version, of what eventually became the disgrace of apartheid in 1946. Here I thought it was solely due to original members of the apartheid regime studying in Germany just prior to WW II, that they emulated what Hitler had described as '...preservation of the races....' and that horrible concept came back to South Africa just before the outbreak of hostilities.

However, we view it, Thank God, that era is over - for now - I hope. So... on with the Journal, and it's time that Frank meets Mini-Clara and in turn he gets sent off to help with the siege of Mafeking.

Started the sketches for The Journal, as Frank has very little training in sketching, and most meager art supplies, the sketches that turn up in his Journal, are not the greatest works of art - but they are sketches that he treasures.

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