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Publishing e-Books for Dummies - my review of Ali Luke's title on Goodreads.com

June 17, 2013.

Publishing E-Books for DummiesPublishing E-Books for Dummies by Ali Luke
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As a technical writer, I have been busy writing technical stuff, creating art,and some shorts on Africa, apartheid and all that - just sitting on my hard-drive. I allowed the e-book scene to (partially) bi-pass me. I needed a book on... e-publishing. Now, I have an historical fiction title in the works The Journal of Rudd

Then... one gorgeous Arizona day, I was browsing the local library - to stay cool - and happened on Ali Luke's Publishing e-Books for Dummies.

THANK YOU Ali Luke! A whole new vista has opened for me. Let's be clear on one thing. I have never been a fan of For Dummies titles. Ever. Why? I'm NOT A DUMMY!
Then again, neither is Ali. The title is very well written, bit of humour here and there, and lots and lots of stuff I did not know about.

Issues I never suspected I would find, and am delighted the author mentioned was formatting your Word.doc with styles before creating and saving in various e-book formats; never heard of numerous e-book portals, one of them (e-junkie.com) right here in Tucson, AZ (!); in fact had never heard of EPUB or Mobi, whatever.

I enjoy Guerrilla Marketing, and Luke has come up with a good many tips, while not too many are pure G/M issues, some cost, I still learnt from the entire book. What I really like, and I know this from years of frustrated paging through computer titles - Luke keeps the sections SHORT! There are lots of them - that's OK - but they are short and can be read and absorbed in minutes.

I'd better go back and delete NOT from I am NOT a Dummy (!) Sigh. Before I do that... I'll have to return the title to the library. Thanks again Ali Luke. Because of you, I am in the process of being formatted as an e-booker - A truly GOOD READ!

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Ali Luke said...

Thanks so much, Jack, for the wonderful review. I'm so pleased you found the book useful -- it's always tough to know what to put in and what to leave out! Very best of luck with your historical fiction novel. :-)